Adnow: Best alternative of Adsense, a Hybrid Native Ad Network!


In fact, the raw numbers at AdNow are certainly nothing to scoff about. 1,700+ advertisers in 107 countries around the world and 150,000+ publishers , AdNow serves up
Impressions per month (about 140 million impressions a day).

Traffic sources: News 26%, Fashion 21%, Health and beauty 17%, Films and serials 14%, Blogs and forums 8%, Cooking .6%

Top 10 of 107 countries: United Kingdom, USA, Turkey, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Poland, Greece.
Some other features of the network include:

  • Weekly payout starting with $20 and paid via Paypal or Wire
  • No code conflicts with other ad systems
  • Good customization for ad widgets
  • 5% referral program, earn more with your community!
  • All ads are pre-moderated and go through a process of safety check
  • Personal account manager with local language support
  • Average native ad CTR of 1.15% up to 7%
  • Quick and hassle-free setup process


  • Many product-based marketing partners
  • Lesser known brand/company
  • Inability to manually filter inappropriate ads

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It’s the perfect match of contextual targeting with scale and therefore a win-win scenario for both advertisers and publishers. Most importantly, even users commonly find native ads to be more relevant and less intrusive than a lot of other common ad formats.

About AdNow Native Advertising

advertising adnow

AdNow is an ad network that’s been leading innovation in the native advertising space for over two years now. Founded by a group of people with experience in digital marketing, real-time bidding, pay-per-click, mobile advertising, media buying, and big data — AdNow is the amalgamation of all these to create a hybrid native ad format for publishers who want to extract more value from their desktop and mobile ad inventory. As of 2016, AdNow has 1,90,000 partners and serves over 4.2 billion impressions to 900 million users across 107 countries.

Value Proposition for Publishers

This is how AdNow works in a nutshell: The network generate revenue from your website or mobile app with targeted recommendations from their sponsored content marketplace providers.

Admittedly, AdNow delivers the best returns for publishers with a female audience focus; that’s a USP you might want to keep in mind when you sign up with AdNow.

You can also promote your content just like in Taboola. AdNow offers content discovery through its self-serve platform. This system promises to boost your page views by up to 50%.

And unlike Taboola, the ads are pre-moderated so you have better quality assurance over what your users are going to see on the page.

AdNow Benefits

If your website falls under the AdNow profile categories such as news, health, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment and more — you can be sure that by placing the AdNow widget under the articles, your CTR will be more than 2%, and it will provide good earnings.

Network rates depend on geography, as well as on the number and activity of your users. AdNow is a young company and characterized by aggressive pricing. AdNow can not only compete, but exceed earnings by other players such as Taboola, Outbrain, and Revcontent.

Exploring the User Interface

adnetwork adnow

If you have some experience of working with any ad network before, you should feel right at home with the user interface of AdNow.

The home screen on the publisher panel has the Sites tab, which displays a list of sites that you have added to manage with AdNow.

The next tab is Widgets, here you can create and customize content recommendation widgets by tweaking the size, format, text, and background of the widget. You also get a live preview of the widget being built, and once you’re done — you can just grab the HTML code.

The third tab is Statistics, and as the name implies, shows all the important statistical data related to the widgets on your website such as impression, clicks, and income — viewable across a custom defined time range.

The last tab is Tickets, where you can start a support request if you need any kind of information or troubleshooting help related to your account.

There is also a referral link at the rightmost corner of the navigation tab, which you can use to promote AdNow, and earn a 5% referral in the process.

AdNow has a different user interface for advertisers that comes with its own login that you can use if you want to promote your own site content.

How to Get Started

This is the really great part. AdNow does not require you to verify your website by adding a code snippet or installing a plugin; this makes the entire signup process much more frictionless.

All you need to get started is:

  1. Register on the website 
  2. Create your widget
  3. Grab and place the widget code on your website

…and that’s it! And if you have difficulty trying to figure out where exactly to place this code on your websites or just want to learn about the best practices, you can just get in touch with support, who will be happy to help you along the process.

Closing Thoughts

AdNow is by no means the only native ad network in the market, but it a strong contender if you want a solution that’s easy to implement and returns good RoI from day one.

At AdPushup, we always recommend having multiple streams of income as the most effective monetization strategy that you can have as a web publisher.

The best thing about native ad platforms and content recommendation systems such as AdNow is that they don’t conflict with the existing ad layout on your website — as long as you’re a little smart about creating better ad placements.

Therefore, if implemented smartly, AdNow can, in addition to your existing ad setup, provide the revenue uplift that you’ve been waiting for.

If you are a woman, when registration Adnow is complete, ask someone knowledgeable about the code to place ads on your website.
(Source: Adpushup, zacjohnson)
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